At NextWord Communications, we think words are important. They determine how people think about you and your business or organization. They make up the message you send through your website, email, and print materials.

Make your next word your best.

What's new?

The field of web design is constantly evolving. Higher-resolution monitors mean wider websites with more real estate to work with. Faster internet connections allow us to use more and larger images. The possibilities are endless! Is your website keeping up?

Communication is key.

We approach each project as way of communicating, whether it's a website, an e-newsletter, or a print piece. We'll focus on your message and shape it into a finished product that is visually pleasing and intuitive, one that conveys information simply and effectively.


We speak your language.

Small businesses, nonprofits, and civic organizations each have unique communication needs. We have extensive experience in these areas. We understand your message and know how to communicate it effectively to your audience.

Going mobile

How does your website look—and work—on a mobile device? Did you know that at least a quarter of the people who look at your website may be using a mobile device? Talk to us about responsive design! We build websites that are mobile-ready now and for the future.




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A few of our specialties

Custom websites

Custom email marketing

Photo editing



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Tools for our clients

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